PADI Open Water Certification – the beginning!

SSDC Difference

Smaller classes – more often!   All Ocean Boat Dives

You will be Ocean Qualified, not just certified

The Open water course has two components for the course – academic and practicals.


This gives you the basic knowledge and understanding of the underwater environment. Just like learning to drive, you need to know the rules of the road. This knowledge gives you the rules for proceeding into the wonderful underwater environment.


Confined Water (Pool) – we test your swimming skills and your ability to float. Then we teach a series of basic skills that you will need when you are diving.  Such as what you do if you mask gets knocked off or if you run out of air, how to control your breathing and properly control your buoyancy.  All part of the skill set that you will need to dive safely.

Open water dives (4 of them) – all the skills and knowledge that you learned in academics and confined water will now be demonstrated in your Open Water dives.  All dives are done off a quality dive boat. Each dive has a prescribed set of skills that you will need to demonstrate to your instructor’s satisfaction. Once you have demonstrated your mastery of these skills you will become a “certified PADI Open Water” diver.