The Open Water Course has two components for the course – Academic and Practical.


This give you the basic knowledge and understanding of the underwater environment to become a certified Open Water Diver. Just like learning to drive, you need to know the rules of the road. This will provide you with the knowledge proceeding into the wonderful underwater environment.


Confined Water (Pool) – we test your swimming skills and the ability to float. Then we teach a series of basic skills that you will need when you are diving.  Such things as what you do if your mask gets knocked off or if you run out of air.  You will learn how to control your breathing and how to properly control your buoyancy.  This is all part of the skill set that you will need to dive safely.

Open Water Dives (4 of them) – all the skills and knowledge that you learned in academics and confined water will now be demonstrated in your Open Water dives.  Each dive has a prescribed set of skills that you will need to demonstrate to your instructors satisfaction.  Once you have demonstrated your mastery of this skill you will become a “certified Open Water” diver.

You have several choices in how you accomplish this two part program:

Two Academic Choices:

PADI eLearning is approximately 10 hours of on-line time and testing.  You can do this at your leisure. We will receive reports of your progress and notification of completion.  We will need one additional hour for a “Quick Test” to confirm that you were the actual person who did the on-line work.  You will pay $185 directly to PADI when you sign up for this option.  In addition you will receive an eLearning Enhancement Pac that will contain your RDP, logbook, on-line PIC card and other information.

Ten hours on-line, 1 hour Quick Test and you will receive a PADI eLearning Enhancement PAC that includes you RDP, Logbook and more for just $169.00.

We can provide you with a Open Water Crew Pac which contains your manual and Recreation Dive Planner.  Five chapters in the book which takes approximately 2 hours per chapter.  At the end of each chapter are knowledge reviews that will need to be completed.  We will also loan you a DVD (deposit required) that complements the manual.

Ten hours home study, 4 hours for review and testing, and you will own the PADI Open Water Student Pac that includes your manual, RDP, logbook, and more for $100 plus shipping (if required)


Three Practical Scheduling Choices:

Weekend – full days on Saturday and Sunday plus classroom depending on your academic choice.  Saturday we will outfit you with your Scuba Gear and then you will spend the morning in our private pool learning your Confined Open Water skills.  After a lunch break you will do your first two Open Water dives.  Sunday you will do two more boat dives and then all your completion paper work.  There is a cost of $350 or 450 per person depending on equipment option.

Group classes (for two or more people) – pick your dates and we will work out a classroom, pool, and dive schedule that will meet you needs. Cost of $350 or $450 per person depending on equipment option.

Private class (one-on-one with an instructor) – pick your dates and we will work out a classroom, pool, and dive schedule that will meet you needs. Cost is $500 or $600 depending on equipment option.

Three Equipment Choices:

Each student is required to provide their own mask, snorkel, fins, and Safety sausage (marker tube). The Safety sausage in now required by PADI.

OPTION 1: You provide your own equipment.

OPTION 2: If you choose to purchase your mask, fins, snorkel and safety sausage from the store your cost for the course is discounted to $350 for group or weekend or it is $500 for a private class. We have MFSS Equipment packages starting at $220.

OPTION 3: In addition if you purchase your Scuba Package (BCD, Regulator, Octo, and a choice of gauges or dive computer) from us, you can take an additional $100 discount off your course.


Each student is responsible for his own transportation to and from the pool and boats.

Other (book option only)

Our prices include your PADI PIC (Picture Identification card). You will need to provide two passport style photos by the end of the course. These photo are for your student file and one is sent to PADI for you certification card. Not applicable if you do the online course.